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Team Building Seminar in Gatineau

Would you like to strengthen the cohesion of your team, while favouring authentic exchange situations? Our seminar enables each person to put winning strategies into practice and to use them to their advantage.



  • Improve communication
  • Engage in a spirit of collaboration
  • Learn to adapt quickly to a difficult situation
  • Learn to communicate in order to find solutions
  • Act confidently when faced with a delicate situation
  • Use defusing techniques in problematic situations
  • Promote a better knowledge of oneself and others

Our training is based on proven models that provide participants with the opportunity to strengthen their sense of belonging in their workplace. Our seminar also fosters a healthy team dynamic that favours authentic interaction and encourages individual contributions.


Our Approach:

Our teaching allows participants to acquire skills and strategies that enable them to collaborate effectively in work relations, to put into practice a series of behaviours that promote communication and to become an advocate for change.
We will be able to address the strengths, needs and objectives of each participant.


Individual Training Sessions:

  • 90 minutes
  • ½ day
  • 1 day

Group Sessions:

  • ½ day
  • 1 day
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