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Training for Lawyers in Gatineau

Our seminars which are aimed at any lawyer who wants to increase the effectiveness of their arguments. Our training fills a gap in the training of lawyers. It builds on existing models while providing lawyers with a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that can be used in different circumstances.

A good speaker must know how to control their posture, their gaze, the intonation of their voice, their silences. We rely on techniques based on a better control of the voice and the body; it will allow you to personalize and energize your pleadings.

Learn to:

  • Project your voice

  • Change intonation

  • Control articulation

  • Vary the rhythm

  • Use silence

  • Have the good posture

  • Coordinate movements, gesture, and words

  • Use anchoring techniques


Individual Training Sessions

  • 90 minutes

  • ½ day

  • 1 day


Group Sessions:

  • ½ day

  • 1 day


Training recognized by the Barreau du Québec.

Activity number: 10113550

Supporting Professionals in Their Development Process


All About the Techniques of Public Speaking and Theatre

The art of public speaking in all its forms.

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