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Learn Public Speaking Techniques

A Unique Learning Experience

Actes de langage offers services where the content of lessons gradually shapes the learner’s skills.


To this end, our courses, which differ from those of our competitors, are structured progressively, meaning that the learner is able to situate the learned material within the context of a gradual and scalable acquisition of knowledge.


In addition, our pedagogical experience allows us to guide the learner in a tangible way; by extension, the learner feels fully confident, recognizes his progress and can set his own objectives.


We offer an approach based on practical applications, allowing participants to reach their full potential.


Actes de langage offers workshops that allow students to learn to speak with ease, energy and strength using both verbal (enunciation, pacing, diction ...) and nonverbal (body language, posture, attitude ...) communication.


  • Our training methodology is innovative and dynamic

  • We adapt to the specific needs of our customers

  • Our workshops are interactive

  • Students receive personalized attention during training

  • Our workshops are designed to be pleasant, efficient and effective


Let us know how much time you want to allocate to training, the number of people you want to register as well as their needs, and we will get back to you with the option that best suits your needs


We believe in an interesting approach and expert advice that enable you to fully develop your abilities.


Take part in the experience: contact Actes de langage today.


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