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Public Speaking Seminars in Gatineau

Intermediate Seminars

Actes de langage also offers intermediate and advanced seminars. In addition to presenting the learning techniques of rhetoric models (addresses and discourse), we offer speaking workshops designed to help you hone your public speaking skills.

Intermediate Seminars: Rhetoric Models

The intermediate seminar activities allow you to integrate what you learned in the basic seminar.



The intermediate seminar focuses on applying rhetorical models in different situations:

  • Discourses

  • Conferences

  • Talk radio

  • Addresses

  • Introductions and thanking conference members, etc.

  • Presentations

  • Question period in the House, etc.

At the start of the workshop, two options are open to students:

  • They can either choose to read a text of their choice aloud, stressing the meaning to be conveyed, the importance of the speech, oratory techniques, etc.
  • They may also, with the teacher, role-play and engage in activities that allow them to engage in and to control a verbal exchange:

  • Voice modulation

  • Debate (prove, challenge, support)

  • Acting (intonation, rhythm, gestures, mimicry)


Duration of Intermediate Seminar: 15 hours


Note: The duration of the lessons varies according to the client’s needs and preferences.


Essential Works on Public Speaking and Theatre

Learn more about the art of public speaking

Advanced Seminars

The advanced workshop is the logical outcome of the first two, since it involves speaking publicly in a real-life situation.

Thus, we offer participants the chance to deliver a speech of their choice, respecting the principles of elocution.

It is also possible, for those who wish it, to learn, practice or even to learn components of training in rhetoric:

The inventio (search for arguments and ideas)

We offer a writing service where participants learn to:

  • Produce clear, concise and meaningful speeches on a given topic.
  • Take a position and support their point of view with convincing arguments.
  • Analyze a topic, organize ideas, and identify an angle.


The dispositio  (discourse outline)

  • We can help participants set up an outline for writing or a speech writing plan.


 The elocutio (the voice appropriate to the subject and to the self) 

  • We can help participants identify their own voice (or style), their own way of pronouncing words and of gesturing.


The actio (eloquence of the body) 

  • We can help participants to find the right body language, attitudes, movements, tone, pacing and breathing.

Through their words, participants learn to express themselves in a seductive, interesting, moving, or convincing way, and to debate decisively.

We offer training that allows anyone to strengthen the impact of their leadership while knowing how to inform, advise and persuade audiences.

Duration of Advanced Seminar: 15 hours

Nota : The duration of the lessons varies according to the client’s needs and preferences.


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