Nice testimonials from clients in the Federal Capital Region

"The first time I spoke to Mr. Gauthier, I found him to be very friendly, but I was wondering how he would be able to help me. In each lesson, I realized that I was learning to love my voice and I was making huge progress in building confidence to express myself better. What I especially appreciated were his words of encouragement; his teaching adapted to my learning needs.

In the end, I have absolutely no regrets about registering and I would 100% recommend Mr. Gauthier’s course. I cannot finish without thanking Mr. Gauthier's wife who made this course even more exciting thanks to her smile, her good humour and her guidance. Continue your great work, sir."

Marlene E.,

Clinical Nurse

"I am in the middle of my training with Mr. Gauthier, and already I see significant improvements. Indeed, I feel much more confident to express myself and also less stressed to speak. In addition, I enjoy modulating my voice and discovering how it can affect the message I convey. This course is very useful to me.

Master's degree in Project Management"

- Anonymous

“Before, in reading, I always struggle with great difficulty; now, thanks to Mr Gauthier, I am able to read in a fluid and efficient manner. In oral communication, the type of plan my professed gave me is fantastic. It makes it so much easier. The techniques at the lectern are really helpful.I love the way Mr. Gauthier monitors the follow-up on the lessons learned. He is in perfect control of my learnings."

- Yannick, Nursing student

"I loved this course and the teacher is captivating. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone. "

- Businessman

"A full day course would not be too much! I want a follow up session. "
- Businesswoman

"It gave me courage to use my inner voice and trust my instincts and capabilities and use them when speaking in front of people."
- Senior Policy Advisor, Government of Canada

"I can now take away techniques that will immediately improve my speeches. Great job Benoît!"
- Regional Director, Government of Canada

"My training with Benoît has been a very fulfilling experience, both on a professional and personal level. It is a sound investment, with significant returns, that I recommend to everyone.
Best regards!"

- Consultant in numeracy

"Needless to say, Benoît is a pro. His instruction is detailed and comprehensive. By drawing on both a long career in the theatre and extensive theoretical knowledge, he offered me a variety of approaches when I undertook to develop my voice and bring awareness to my body language. In short, Benoît embodies a wealth of knowledge and communicates this knowledge to his students effectively."

- Ph. D. student

"In 2015, the CLD des Collines-de-l’Outaouais retained the services of Mr. Gauthier to give business people two training sessions on public speaking. The three-hour-long workshops in English and in French helped them develop specific communication skills to better present their services and products. Many of the participants sent us follow-up phone calls thanking us, and we are renewing the experience in 2016."
- Louise Marchildon
Deputy Director General - CLD des Collines-de-l'Outaouais

"It is interesting to receive feedback on what and how we sound when we speak, because in day-to-day life, we have to speak (whether we are comfortable doing so, or not), and it is rare that in day-to-day life we receive actual feedback, critique or constructive criticism to improve what and how we sound when we speak."

- Gabby Ewen
Textile artist, Director at La triennale internationale des arts textiles en Outaouais

"I enjoyed this public speaking seminar. It was simple and fun. The professor brought our attention to basic principles of public speaking and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice. It was encouraging, which is probably one of the most important things – if we feel encouraged, we can relax and speak."
- Hannah Ranger

"Very informative and educational. I will keep the ideas presented in mind as I continue to develop my public speaking skills. Having been presented with a defined structure for public speaking, I feel confident that my skills will improve."
- Glen Foster
President, Chelsea Wakefield Studio Tour

Chair, Wakefield-La Pêche Arts Council
"An eye opener. Simple techniques for communicating clearly, engagingly and effectively. How not to waste time. I now understand what makes a speech good, and what not to do."
- Kerstin Peterson
Artistic Director, Ta Da! Festival

"Great curriculum, practical exercises with abundant feedback. Great presenter, very affirming critiques. Great learning. I discovered hidden resources. I learned new skills watching my colleagues practice them. Great fun: laughter, some silliness, fast moving."
- Peter Gillies
Community fundraiser

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