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Basic Seminars
Intermediate Seminars
Media Relations
Advanced Seminars

Public Speaking Workshops Tailored to Your Needs

Three-Step Learning Approach

Our workshops can teach you various speaking techniques ( Basic Seminars) and how to apply different models of rhetoric ( Intermediate and Advanced Seminars).

The workshops also teach techniques and knowledge dealing with the art of speaking well. This knowledge will help you express yourself with clarity, energy and strength ( Media Relations). We also offer trainings for lawyers.

Our Exercises

  • Speaking techniques: enunciation, breathing, voice projection, pacing, diction, gestures, etc.
  • Models of rhetoric: speeches, conferences, radio forum, question period in the House, etc.
  • Improvised address: press conference, radio interview, TV interview, etc.

Course offered: The Art of Speech and Gesture

Your team will be expected to learn and be familiar with the principles of Eloquence, The Art of Speech.

This training is also characterized by a Team Building where you will strengthen your team’s cohesion and create a favorable working environment.

This workshop is led by Benedict, professor and renowned speaker.

Group Seminars for 4-6 people

You can spend one or multiple nights at the Domaine Baie Mud in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, to attend our group seminars offered.

  • 1, 2 or 3 days offered (nights included).
  • On-site accommodation and catering services.
  • Price: $600/day per person.

Enjoy this wonderful workshop in an enchanting site! For more information about the Domaine, please visit


All About the Techniques of Public Speaking and Theatre

The art of public speaking in all its forms.

We offer individual packages as well as corporate rates.

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Directing the Participants’ Learning Progress

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