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Actes de langage: Exceptional Courses in Public Speaking


Do You Recognize Yourself in these Situations?

  • I want to learn to express myself with ease and confidence.
  • I want to maintain the attention of people who listen to me.
  • I want to use a posture and gestures that suit my message.
  • I want to know how to assert my ideas.
  • I want to know to better argue, to convince.
  • I want to know how to manage meetings.
  • I want to develop my leadership skills in front of a group.
  • I want to have access to communication techniques that will allow me to speak more eloquently.

Actes de langage: a great way to advance your career.

To facilitate the service, the seminars can be held at the student’s office.

Benoît Gauthier

Benoît Charles Gauthier, Ph. D., Professor of Elocution
Actes de langage is a company whose mission is to support professionals who want to hone their abilities in the art of public speaking.

We offer various speaking techniques that address all the requirements of the art of public speaking.

Our Area of Expertise
Benoît C. Gauthier offers professionals - be they government officials, parliamentarians, business people or others - services that help them get to know the principles of public speaking. You will acquire the ability to speak convincingly and to strengthen the impact of your leadership when providing information, taking a stand and being persuasive.

Contact Actes de langage today to make an appointment. Bilingual services are offered.

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Our Primary Goal: to Achieve Customer Loyalty

Service Area

National capital region and Canada-wide



Lack of Time for Offline Lessons?

We offer lessons that can be done through vision-conferencing. This means of learning has many advantages, especially in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can access the courses from anywhere without necessity of commuting, remaining totally safe, saving you time and energy. You also benefit from personalized interaction with an expert.


Benoît Charles Gauthier, Ph. D.

Specialist in the art of public speaking.


Tips and Tricks

Ask for Benoît Charles Gauthier’s public speaking toolkit.

“The art of speech, when fully realized, is not only a source of intelligence, exuberance and brilliance, it is also and especially at the origin of the power to invent and to achieve.”

- Benoît C. Gauthier

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